Professional OPI Services

Spoken interpretation services are an essential part of global communication.

Professional Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

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Over-the-phone interpreting services are a convenient and efficient way for people to communicate with each other when they don’t speak the same language. Imagine a “conference call”. This type of service allows a professional interpreter to act as the go between of two or more people who are speaking different languages.

How OPI Services works

OPI Services are on-demand. They can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you’re able to make a telephone call. Once connected, you’ll be put in contact with an interpreter within 30 seconds. Often times as little as 5 seconds.


This means that businesses and individuals can get interpreting services quickly and easily, without having to schedule an in-person appointment or travel to a specific location. Over-the-phone interpreting services are also available 24/7/365, making them particularly useful for urgent or emergency situations.

When would someone use OPI Services

Over-the-phone interpreting services are incredibly versatile. They can be used in a variety of settings, including healthcare, legal, educational and business settings.


For example, a teacher may use over-the-phone interpreting services to communicate with a parent who speaks a different language, ensuring that the parents receives access to important information regarding their child’s education.


Call centers may also use over-the-phone interpreting services to communicate with clients who do not speak the same language, ensuring that clients are properly serviced.